The Popularity of the New Casino During the Manor Daf High Season

The Manor Daf was the most luxurious resort in the English countryside. It had dozens of bedrooms available and it was perched alongside a rocky cliff that offered breathtaking views of the sea. There were gardens surrounding the building and lots of furry animals would make a visit during the day. In addition to the views right beside the Manor Daf, there was a gorgeous beach that was a fifteen-minute walk down the rocky shoreline. It was truly a nature lover’s paradise.

The Manor Daf was closed for the offseason to make the necessary renovations to the structure. In addition to making repairs to existing rooms, the management team wanted to add a variety of new rooms to spruce up the environment inside. They wanted to make the inside fun and entertaining once all the guests were done admiring the beautiful scenery that surrounded the property. A reading room, a new dining room, a karaoke room, an Amazing kids’ zone, and a casino for the adults were among the new rooms proposed for the building.

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The Final decision

The management team held meetings for three consecutive days and they came to a final decision to add the proposed new rooms to create a more festive atmosphere inside the Manor Daf. They knew it would require adding a few more staff members, but there would be greater entertainment options they could provide the guests.

Once they finished the renovations managed by Voorberg Rotterdam to the existing bedrooms and added the new entertainment rooms, the plan was to increase the nightly price for each bedroom. Everyone on the management team was in favor of the price increase since business had been doing so well and they were providing the guests more entertainment options this upcoming season.

The Manor Daf was in its highest demand and rooms often had to be booked months in advance to secure the desired timeframe potential guests were searching for. The manor’s website had to be constantly updated to provide the booking instructions in case someone wanted to book a specific room incredibly early. The features of every room were highlighted on the website as seen here.


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