The High Season for Manor Daf Begins

The construction of the new entertainment rooms and the guest room renovations took several months to complete. There were several setbacks, but the job was completed with two weeks to spare. The season lasted from March 15th to November 15th with the busiest time of year coming in the summer months of June thru August.

The season had not even officially started and rooms were nearly sold out for the three summer months. The Manor Daf had become the most popular countryside resort in the country and it gained much fame after being highlighted in this newspaper article. Couples and families from the big cities all wanted the peaceful escape from the urban life that the manor provided.

The management team took some scrutiny by deciding not to add more guest rooms, but they knew the purpose of Manor Daf was never to be overcrowded with guests. If they built too many guest rooms, then it would become too cramped for many of the guests. There were 18 bedrooms and management believed that to be the proper number of rooms for the building. Out of the 18 guest rooms, 12 were designed for families and 6 were tailored to couples.

Enjoyed the new casino

Business was great for the Manor Daf the first few months of being open for the season. Families loved sending their children to the kids’ zone so they could spend time alone enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner or playing games inside the new casino. Younger and older couples alike enjoyed the new casino. It provided a fun form of entertainment that provided the excitement of possible winning a big grand prize.

The management team wanted to incorporate the casino since they knew it would be a big money maker for the business. Knowing that the casino was going to be built was an additional factor to not adding new guest rooms. The revenue generated from the casino on a nightly basis would increase the profit margin itself. Not to mention the increase in the nightly cost of each bedroom.

When the high season approached in June, management held a meeting to evaluate everyone’s performance and to make sure the entire staff was on the same page. They could not go into the busiest time of year with questions or concerns about the way the building should be operated. The first few months of the season were meant to be learning experiences since the manor was not always fully booked.

They were always fully booked during the high season and many others who wanted to come for a stay would have to be turned away due to not having any rooms available.

After having two productive meetings, management was confident that the current staff had all the tools they needed to provide outstanding service to the Manor Daf’s guests. The most important goal of the staff was to make each guest’s stay a one of a kind experience. The high season was ready to be cranked into high gear and the staff was ready to provide exemplary customer service.