The Popularity of the New Casino During the Manor Daf High Season

There was a new trend that the Manor Daf management team started to notice this summer. It seemed that couples were booking the rooms more frequently than families and it left everyone perplexed. For the most part, the Manor Daf was a family type of resort primarily focusing on enjoying the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors. The only thing adult about the manor was the new casino. The casino was little more than slot machines and a handful of poker tables. There was not even a bar included inside the casino since guests could order drinks from their room or the front desk.

They did not think there was a need to have a bar added to the casino room and it would only take up space. However, that did not stop the casino from continuing to grow in popularity as the high season moved along. By July, the casino was packed every night and it started to become bothersome for some of the guests. One night, the manager on duty counted the number of guests he spotted in the casino and returned to his desk to count how many adults were booked for the night. He determined that only two of the adults staying at the Manor Daf were not in the casino at that moment in time.

A second casino room

The casino was not meant to hold more than about 15 people and there easily over 20 people enjoying the slot machines or playing poker. Unfortunately, there were some complaints about the large crowd. It became apparent that the casino had not been made large enough and they had to decide what to do to solve the issue. One of the managers pointed out in an emergency meeting that the reading room was rarely used. It would be empty much of the day as compared to the casino which was busy on a nightly basis.

The management team came to the final decision to discard the reading room and turn it into a second casino room. The plan was to move the books to one of the closets located near the attic and move some of the equipment from the original casino room to this second casino room. For anyone who did want to sit down and enjoy one of the books, the Manor Daf decided to add a reading catalog that would be included inside every bedroom. The catalog would list all the reading selections and a guest could call the front desk to check for the availability of a certain book.

If it was available, then a staff member would deliver the book to their room within a short time frame. The reading selections were also added to the Manor Daf’s website so prospective guests could see what was available in their library. As for the casino dilemma, the issue was solved by turning one casino room into two rooms. Everyone had more space to move around and they could choose which unique room they wanted to enjoy the casino games. The number of complaints dwindled and everything was back to normal at the Manor Daf.